ring wrench

ring wrench

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • heavy-duty ring wrench — A strong single end box wrench for use with a tubular handle. It can be used without the handle for quickly spinning on nuts or, with the handle slipped on, for final tightening or reaching otherwise inaccessible nuts …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • wrench — [1] A device for removing nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. [2] A colloquial term for a mechanic or someone who is handy repairing engines. [3] To use a wrench tool. See adjustable wrench Allen wrench box wrench brake adjusting wrench brake… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • ring — A circular piece or band of metal. See balk ring blocking ring chainring chrome ring compression ring control ring D ring D ring dykes ring fire ring …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • ring spanner — ring ,spanner noun count a BOX END WRENCH …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Wrench — For other uses, see Wrench (disambiguation). A set of chrome vanadium metric wrenches, open at one end, box/ring at the other. This type is commonly known as a combination wrench. A wrench or spanner is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical… …   Wikipedia

  • ring spanner — noun (C) BrE a tool with a circular end that fits over a nut to make it tighter or looser; box end wrench AmE …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • ring spanner — A British term for a box wrench …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • obstruction wrench — A bent ring wrench for reaching around manifold and other obstacles to work on parts with difficult access, such as starters or alternators …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Strap wrench — A strap wrench is any of various types of wrench that grip an object via a strap or chain being pulled in tension around it until it firmly grips. High static friction keeps it from slipping. Many strap wrenches have built in handles. Others are… …   Wikipedia

  • Hydrant wrench — A hydrant wrench is a tool used to remove fire hydrant caps and open the valve of the hydrant. They are usually adjustable so as to fit different sized hydrant nuts. In France In France, the hose and hydrants are linked with Guillemin symmetrical …   Wikipedia

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